Sept. 12-14, 2016 | St. Louis, MO

Each year, the Ag Innovation Showcase features the most promising Ag start-ups and research projects pursuing solutions in ag-biotech, renewable energy, sustainable materials, animal health, soil & water, and farming technology from across the globe. Our alumni companies, many of whom have achieved significant success, are visible ambassadors of our mission. They transform ideas into practical solutions that combine humanitarian concern with commercial viability. 

Applications to present at the 2017 Ag Innovation Showcase will open on Febraury 15th and close on May 8th. Applications may be completed online. Apply now!

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2016 Presenting Companies

Precision Ag & Automation

Companies in this block present innovations in precision ag and automation. Arable labs and ec2ce are enabling better operational decisions and economic forecasting through artificial intelligence, and an integration across data types and sources. Wildeye is enabling better water use through IOT devices. Phytosynthetix adds biologically relevant wavelengths to lighting controls for optimal indoor agriculture. Smart Vision’s technology enables automated grading and sorting of agriculture and aquaculture harvests. Food Origins is envisioning traceability and tracking of high value hand-picked crops across the entire food value chain, and has begun by capturing berry quality and farm labor productivity data tied to precise field locations.

Ag Inputs & Diagnostics

Companies in this block present innovations in agriculture inputs and diagnostic tools that increase yields and environmental outcomes while lowering costs for farmers and ranchers. Neogram aims to make beef cattle and dairy operations in the tropics yield more meat and milk per kg of greenhouse gas emitted by improving grass digestibility. Aptimmune is delivering pig vaccines that leverage the animal’s immune system for better disease protection. On the plant side, XTB has developed highly sensitive and accurate plant disease detection for early intervention and orchard management; Growcentia’s soil microbe product improves root mass and overall plant health; and Phyllotech’s defensive enzymes control plant diseases. EIWA accelerates plant breeding for crop improvement by applying big data and analytics of trait data collected for field trials via UAVs. Adjuvants Plus and Cotyledon Consulting reduce weed pressure via biological agents or RNAi respectively. Crop Enhancement’s green chemicals and seed coatings improve field outcomes.

Alternative Food & Feedstock Systems

Companies in this block have developed novel systems to produce oil and proteins: food for humans from insects in the case of Bitwater Farms; tobacco produced squalene for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as an alternative to deep sea sharks’ livers in the case of SynShark; and both protein and oils for food, animal feedstocks, or industrial uses from greenhouse gas recycling via microbes in the case of Kiverdi.

Technologies for & from Developing Economies

There is increasing interest in examining technologies that can be ported to and from the developing world. Companies in this block present innovations that can be used in developing economies. Ignitia has developed both the technology and distribution channels to deliver tropical weather forecasts through SMS for small holder farmers in Africa. Koolmill has milling technology that has the potential to reduce losses in quantity and quality of rice output and aims to disrupt the rice industry and improve the financial well-being of the world’s small and medium sized rice farmers in Asia.