David Russell

Venture Partner

Lewis & Clark Ventures

David Russell is a Venture Partner at Lewis & Clark Ventures located in St Louis, Missouri. Lewis & Clark Ventures has raised a family of venture capital funds focusing on sectors such as enterprise software, healthcare technology and financial technology.

David is part of a new Ag commitment that will focus on agriculture technology including precision agriculture, plant genomics, soil and crop technology, biomaterials, food sustainability, and water solutions. David has a long-standing interest in finding, evaluating and developing new Ag and Food technologies.

Prior to joining Lewis & Clark, David lead Monsanto’s Biotechnology Prospecting Team looking for innovative opportunities to support the Monsanto technology portfolio. David has also helped lead the development of feed and processing traits as part of the Renessen LLC JV where he was V.P. of Product Development & Technology and lead the technology and regulatory science functions. He started his Ag career with Agracetus, Inc., an early Ag biotech startup.

David received his Ph.D. from Rice University in microbial gene expression, and did a NSF Plant Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard University.