2019 Ag Innovation Showcase

The Power of Convergence

Day One | Monday, September 9, 2019

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Regeneration & Renewable: Environmental Challenges & How We Deal with Them

  • Country Partner Session: The Confluence of Food, Energy, & Health in the UK, sponsored by UK Innovation, Department of International Trade

  • Registration Check-In (12:00 PM - 1:00 PM)

  • Larta's Welcome Remarks & Opening Keynote by Neal Gutterson, Corteva Agriscience

  • Regeneration & The Power of Convergence: The Global Imperative, sponsored & curated by Corteva Agriscience

  • Remarks from Dr. Phil Pardey, UMN, “Blending the Disciplines to Drive Innovations for Sustainably Feeding the World”

  • Approaches to Integrate Global Challenges: Food Security, Improve Nutrition and Increase Economic Development

  • Exhibits & Networking

  • Panel Conversation: Plant Health & Nutrition, sponsored & curated by OCP

  • Company Showcase Block 1: Regeneration Plant Nutrition & Health, sponsored and curated by IFA

    • Presenters: Agrynex, Stephane Corgie; Greenlight Biosciences, Mick Messman; Pebble Labs, Rick Derose

  • Larta Alumni Spotlight: Hunter Swisher, Phospholutions

  • A Spotlight: OCP

  • Exhibits & Networking, sponsored by Mosaic

  • Panel Conversation: Animal Health & Nutrition

    • Moderator: Lucas Lentsch, CEO Midwest Dairy

    • Panelists: Adam DeRosier, Land O’Lakes; Megan Webb, Univ of Minnesota, John Scanga, Meyers Natural Foods,

  • Company Showcase Block 2: Animal Nutrition & Health-- On Ranch, Pasture & Table, sponsored & curated by TechAccel

    • Presenters: Beta Hatch, Inc., Virginia Emery; Chonex, Michael Lynch; NetZro LLC, Sue Marshall; Penn State University, Scott Welsh; University of Missouri, Karl Kerns

  • Larta Alumni Spotlight

  • Spotlight: Paul Greive, Pasturebird

  • Push/Pull or Proactive Stance?

  • Opening Reception at Guthrie (6:30-8:00 PM), hosted by: Cargill

Day Two | Tuesday, September 10, 2019 

8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Resource Optimization- Water, Environment, & Sustainability 

  • Registration Check-In & Networking Breakfast, sponsored by Illinois Soybean Association

  • Larta's Welcome Remarks & Opening Keynote: Teddy Bekele, Land O’ Lakes

  • Resource Optimization: Water, Environment & Sustainability Utilization in Agriculture Panel

    • Moderator: Dylan Waldhuetter, Water Council

    • Panelists: Jim Ethington, Arable Labs; Steven Doggett, Grundfos Pump; Meena Sankaran, Ketos, Inc.; Brad Redlin, MN Dept. of Agriculture

  • Spotlight: Sustainability Paired with Efficacy hosted by Vestaron Corp.

  • Exhibits & Networking

  • Company Showcase Block 3: Power of Convergence- Water Efficient Ag Innovations

    • Presenters: GroGuru, Inc., Patrick Henry; Micronic Technologies, Karen Sorber; Spira Inc., Elliot Roth; Colorado State University, Jay M. Ham

  • Larta Alumni Spotlight- Adam Wolf, Arable Labs, sponsored by: Arable Labs

  • Networking Lunch, Sponsored by Wells Fargo

  • Resource Optimization: Air Quality & Soil Health Panel

    • Moderator: John Mesko, Soil Health Partnership

    • Panelists: Yossi Kofman, Groundwork BioAg; Kevin Kimm, CEO, Midwestern BioAg; Elizabeth Pearce, SymSoil

  • Company Showcase Block 4: Power of Convergence- Innovations Improving Air Quality & Soil Health

    • Presenters: Continuum Ag, LLC, Kyle Anderson; enVerde LLC, Dave Goebel; Locus Agricultural Solutions, Paul Zorner

  • Spotlight: Compass Minerals

  • Exhibits & Networking, sponsored by Compass Minerals

  • Special Content Sessions: to be hosted by Wells Fargo/IN2 Program, AgFunder & KK&P, & Sidley Austin LLP

  • Company Showcase Block 5: Power of Convergence-- Digital Tools for Resource Optimization

    • Presenters: BeeHero, Omer Davidi; Grain Discovery, Rory O’Sullivan; CropProphet, Jan Dutton

  • Ag 3.0: Revolutionizing Global Agriculture through Integrated Digital Tools

  • Larta Alumni Spotlight

  • Spotlight

  • Farm to Fork - Sustainability & Traceability Across the Ag Value Chain

    • Moderator: Rohit Shukla, Larta Institute

    • Panelists: Mark Cullen, Landus Cooperative; Manoj Sahoo, Calyxt

Sponsored and curated by Calyxt

  • Networking Reception at Guthrie (6:00-8:00 PM)

Day Three | Wednesday, September 11, 2019

8:00 AM-5:00 PM 

Evolving Food Systems 

  • Registration Check-In (8:00 AM - 9:00 AM)

  • Introduction of the Day: Sanjeev Krishnan, S2G Ventures

  • Panel Discussion: Functional Foods & Its Increase Presence in Our Food Systems

    • Panelists: Shoba Murali, UCAN

  • Spotlight: Focus on New Sources of Protein with Christina Connelly, Canadian Consulate

  • Exploring Trends for Engaging Public-Private Investment in Food & Health

o   Panelists: Aaron Knewston, Compeer, Taylor Moore, Carlson Pvt Capital Partners; Rick Brimacomb, ClubE; Jeff Nelson, DEED

  • Live- Food Demo

  • Exhibits & Networking Break

  • Keynote Speaker: Nancy Roman, Partnership for a Healthier America

  • Spotlight: Making the Food You Love a Healthier Choice, sponsored by Calyxt

    • Presenter: Jim Blome, Calyxt

  • Panel Discussion: The Impact of Mindfulness on Health and Nutrition, Bakken Center of Spirituality

  • Networking Lunch

  • Company Showcase Block 6: Power of Convergence: New Sources of Food

  • Future of Food: How We Deliver What We Deliver

    • Moderator: Adam Bergman, Wells Fargo

    • Panelists: Eric Jackson, Pipeline Foods; Tom Laurita, Newleaf Symbiotics

  • Live Food Demo

  • Exhibits & Networking

  • Promote, Reward, & Pay: New Systems to Incentivize Healthy Lifestyles

  • The Role Conversation in Health & Wellness with John Frawley, MN Zoo

  • Emerging Trends in Restaurant & Food Service: Improving the Health of Chefs and Customers Alike

  • Closing Remarks (5:00pm)