Opening Keynote

Monday SEpt. 10

1:40 - 2:10PM

Dr. Mehmood Khan

Vice Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer of Global Research & Development


From Table to Farm: The Modern Consumer's Reverse-Commute Across the Value Chain

In recent years, consumers of foods and beverages have installed themselves firmly in the driver’s seat

For decades, they were satisfied with tasty, affordable foods and beverages.  Today, they demand more.  Much more. They expect better nutrition, information about ingredients, visibility into supply chains, and guarantees that the foods and beverages they ingest are sourced humanely and sustainably.  

Against the backdrop, PepsiCo—which spends $2.2 billion annually on agriculture—strives to satisfy modern consumers’ needs, anticipate their future sustainability, nutrition and innovation expectations, and incent its business partners across the value chain to adapt to a food and beverage landscape that is now in a permanent state of disruption.

In discussing these issues and Pepsico’s commitment to agriculture, Dr. Khan will also identify the challenges ahead and the call for joint action in the community of farmers, innovators, investors and industry.