ALUM spotlight

Tuesday Sept. 11

2:30 - 2:45pm


Andy Renz, VP of Business Development

Anna Rath, CEO 



Thoughts on a Pivot with Anna Rath, CEO, Vestaron and Andy Renz, VP Business Development

Featuring a tribute to John Sorenson, late former CEO of Vestaron



This spotlight features an accomplished alumnus, Vestaron. 

Andy and Anna will look back, to remember the late John Sorenson, who passed away in February 2018.  He was an exemplary leader in agriculture, a presenter, panelist and spotlight speaker at the Ag Innovation Showcase (the latter in 2017). 

They will look forward, to trace the journey of Vestaron, a leader in peptide-based biopesticides, a company retooling crop protection from synthetics toward sustainably-produced peptides for efficient pest control.