talk show: Precise plant nutrition solutions

Environmental concerns, an evolving farm solutions value chain, and consumer demands are creating a new landscape for plant nutrients.  “Smart fertilizers, ” biologicals, biostimulants, mineral and bio hybrids and other plant nutrient related products are growing in use with traditional fertilizers.  This panel will discuss the future of plant nutrients as all stakeholders seek new heights of efficiency and profitability.

What new plant nutrient products are on the horizon to produce nutrient rich food efficiently, sustainably, and profitably?

 How will they integrate into evolving farm nutrient management systems to achieve the 4R principles? 

What new technologies and innovations are emerging. to create the next generation products.

•  Moderator: Bob Morris, President, AndMore Associates, LLC

Jon Sammons, Specialty Agriculture Marketing Manager - Americas, ICL Specialty Fertilizers

C. Ryan Bond, Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Innovation, Koch Agronomic Services

Adrian Percy, Ag Technology Ambassador, Bayer Crop Science

Kyle Freeman, Director, Business Development, The Mosaic Company