2018 Ag Showcase Agenda


Welcome to Day 1 (Monday 9/10)

10:30-12:00PM  Agri-tech in the UK: A Global Partner for Innovation with UK Science and Innovation Network

11:00-12:00PM Danforth Tours

12:00-1:30PM  Registration and Networking

1:30-1:40PM  Welcome

1:40-2:10PM  Opening Keynote: From Table to Farm: The Modern Consumer’s Reverse-Commute Across the Value Chain with Dr. Mehmood Khan, PepsiCo

2:10-2:45PM  View from the Farm:  Chris Chinn5th Generation Farmer & Missouri Ag Department

2:45-3:15PM  Networking Break

3:15-4:00PM  Company Showcase: Session 1

4:00-4:45PM  Company Showcase: Session 2

4:45-5:30PM  Networking Break

5:30-7:00PM  Opening Reception

Welcome to Day 2 (TUesday 9/11)

8:00-9:00AM     Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00-9:15AM      Welcome

9:15-10:00AM    Keynote Conversation: How to Most Effectively Implement the 4 Rs of                                      Precise Plant Nutritionwith Charlotte Hebebrand of International Fertilizer                                AssociationStefan Fürnsinn of Yara, and Mark Thompson of Nutrien.

10:00-10:30AM  Transparency. Traceability. Transformation. with Jill Kolling, Cargill

10:30-11:00AM   Toward a More Sustainable Agriculture: Delivering Solutions for Farmers                                with Neal GuttersonCorteva Agriscience

11:00-11:45AM   Exhibits & Networking Break

11:45-12:30PM   Short Previews of Upcoming Special Content Sessions 

                            Around the World: Big New Markets

                            Spotlights with IFFCO, Kingenta, and OCP Group

12:30-1:30PM   Networking Lunch

1:30-2:30PM     Company Showcase: Session 3   

2:30-2:45PM    Alum Spotlight: Thoughts on a Pivot with Anna Rath and Andy RenzVestaron

2:45-3:00PM    Alum Spotlight: Managing the Transition from R&D to Commercialization                                     with Concentric & ATP Nutrition

3:00-4:00PM    Alumni Panel: Lessons Learned with Concentric Ag, Growcentia, New Leaf                                   Symbiotics, Sidley Austin LLP, Terviva, ZeaKal, & Vestaron

4:00-4:30PM    Exhibits & Networking Break

4:30-6:00PM    Special Content Session 1: IFA & NCGA

4:30-6:00PM    Special Content Session 2: University & Research Institution Showcase 

4:30-6:00PM   Special Content Session 3: Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio                                     Internacional

6:00-7:00PM    Networking Reception

Welcome to Day 3 (WEDNESDAY 9/12)

8:00-9:00AM  Networking Breakfast

9:00-9:45AM  Talk Show: Precise Plant Nutrition Solutions with host Bob Morris, AndMore                              Associates. Guests: ICL Specialty Fertilizers, Koch AgronomicValagro

9:45-12:15PM  Concluding Talk Show: From Farm to Plate with hosts: Sanjeev Krishnan,                                  S2G Ventures and Matt Crisp, Benson Hill.

12:15-12:30PM View From the Farm with Rebecca Doyle, Farmer & Hickory Grove Pork &                                       Doyle Associates

12:30-1:45PM Lunch & Closing Remarks

1:45-3:00PM One-on-One Meetings

Further information on all sessions can be found here



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Innovations are disrupting the food supply chain beginning with farm inputs and continuing through to consumers to create a sustainable food system that will produce nutrition to feed the planet. The 10 th year event, September 10-12 in St Louis, will curate discussions looking forward to emerging industry trends, present high-impact agrifood innovations from around the world celebrating alumni from previous years and introducing new companies.