Elizabeth pearce



Elizabeth Pearce is a finance and investment professional, with over 25 years of experience. As an in-house analyst at High Mark mutual funds for integrated oil companies, insurance companies, and retail corporations, she helped lead the team to a 4-Star Morningstar rating. For nearly a decade, she specialized in inter-generational wealth preservation strategies for individuals and high net-worth families with oversight of more than $300M. While at Northern Trust in San Francisco, her portfolio clients were many Sonoma, Napa and Sacramento vineyard owners and operators.  There she learned the interaction of finance and earth science, crop production and particularly soil health.  She also followed machinery and chemical companies.  Subsequently, Ms. Pearce advised multiple startups, including service, manufacturing and software companies.

Her cross analysis of beneficial impact and financial potential in a commercial product to create a restorative, indigenous soil microbe-biome for agriculture, motivated her personal dive in 2017 to launch SymSoil, Inc. in the role of CEO/Founder.  

A fifth-generation Californian, Ms. Pearce spent her early childhood in Taiwan before the family returned to California.  She has an undergraduate and MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.