Kate shafto


Feed Your Health, LLC

Kate Shafto, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Integrative Medicine and works at the University of Minnesota and Hennepin Healthcare. She is a course director in the Medical School, teaching first and second year medical students foundational skills to practice clinical medicine. Her clinical work is in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine at Hennepin Healthcare in the area of Pain Management. She worked as Hospitalist for both adults and children for 5 years before making the transition into Integrative Health.

Dr. Shafto is the co-owner of Feed Your Health, LLC with her colleague and business partner, Chef/MPH Jenny Breen. Their work began with the creation of a course called Food Matters which uses food and cooking to teach applied, evidence-based nutrition and its relationship to health and disease. This class was piloted for medical students and has been expanded to include health professional students from all disciplines. Food Matters is offered for 1 credit through the Center for Spirituality and Healing, as well as a 9 hour Continuing Education version for clinicians. Through their consulting business they are engaged in a variety of community-based work at the intersection of food, farming, food systems and health.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, learning organic farming at Big River Farms, speaking Spanish, cooking, yoga, music, hiking, skiing, travel, and experiencing other cultures locally and abroad.