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Frank Tudron, Chief Technical Officer

Sensor Development Corporation

Sensor Development Corporation is completing the development of a portable real-time electronic insect sensor that we’ve proven capable of detecting all live stages of the Indianmeal Moth and Navel Orangeworm – a first. That is to say, SDC’s technology senses live larvae, live larvae in cocoons and the adult moth all with one moderately priced sensor. The VP of a major pest management company states: “This is what we’re looking for. We want to get a technology that is capable of detecting all life stages and being deployed at a customer location for real-time or near real-time detection on site.”

SDC’s single focus since its founding over ten years ago has been the development of a highly sensitive and selective platform technology for detecting minute amounts of gaseous volatile organic compounds using nano-crystalline tin oxide sensors. SDC’s prior work resulted in a platform technology that was used by SDC to build a sensor device for sensing mycotoxin-related gases from mold on grain. This device was sold for $10,000 to a major pet food manufacturer. SDC extended this platform technology to sense stored product insect pheromones and semiochemicals. SDC’s staff has extensive experience in fabricating and experimenting with these sensors.