shoba murali

CEO & Founder

The UCAN Company

Shoba is a cofounder and CEO of The UCAN Company which develops and commercializes UCAN branded energy sustaining products using a patented ingredient SuperStarch. This revolutionary carbohydrate has a one-of-a-kind energy profile providing steady glucose release, muted insulin response and enhanced fat burning. Shoba helped launch the company, led the financing effort, shaped the overall manufacturing, formulation, clinical trials and marketing strategy of the company. The company now markets its nutritional UCAN Performance Energy products, UCAN Workout Energy products and UCAN Bars for athletes and active lifestyle consumers who are training to be fit and want to finish stronger on game day. It will in the future explore clinical applications in diabetes and general health.

Prior to UCAN, Shoba was a President & Co-founder of Acorn Information Services, a CRM company that provided – data warehousing and big data insights. She led the company in this role from inception to merger and subsequent IPO. Shoba’s early career was shaped in the Technology sector where she held positions as Senior Product Manager – Artificial Intelligence products and Program Manager in Digital Equipment Corporation.