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Founded in 1998, Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co., Ltd is devoted to R&D, production and marketing of compound fertilizers, slow/controlled-release fertilizers (SCRF), water soluble fertilizers (WSF), and other new-type fertilizers. In 2010, Kingenta was listed in the China Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Kingenta is a key national hi-tech and innovative enterprise involved in drafting industrial and national standards for the SCRF industry. Kingenta is also a leader of the National SCRF Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. Kingenta has more than 15 production sites in China along with branches in American, Israel, Germany, Vietnam, Australia and other countries.

Kingenta has established some high-tech national research and development platforms such as The National SCRF Research Center, The National CF Engineering Research Center, and National Key Laboratory for Efficient Development and Comprehensive Utilization of Nutrition Resource, The National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient Utilization of Soil Fertilizer Resources. Kingenta is also devoted to R&D and application of new fertilizers worldwide.