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LSU AgCenter

The Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, known as the LSU AgCenter, is within the Louisiana State University System. The LSU AgCenter is an established world leader in the production of rice, sweet potatoes, seafood, sugarcane, and renewable natural resources. The LSU AgCenter innovates in all other aspects of agriculture, food science, and nutrition. Through its network of dedicated topical research stations and state-of-the-art laboratories, the LSU AgCenter fulfills its mission: to innovate, educate, and improve lives.

Dirk Benedict   Marketing Coordinator, LSU AgCenter

Dirk Benedict

Marketing Coordinator, LSU AgCenter

Special Content Session - University Showcase

Project: Enhanced Biochar Silica Fertilizer

This invention is a novel method and composition of biochar that acts as an enhanced silicon fertilizer, providing more plant-available silicon at a lower cost and toxicity than currently available fertilizers. Silicon is naturally present in soil ecosystems; however, is it rapidly depleted by leaching, crop harvest, and biomass removal and needs supplementation for optimal soil and plant health. Price volatility and material availability are major issues affecting the silicon fertilizer market, and this technology seeks to address those issue with biomass from crop production.