Vestaron Completes $10.2 Million Series B

Vestaron Corporation is an innovative biopesticide company housed at the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center and led by CEO John Sorenson. John was selected to present Vestaron’s development of new generation of insecticides based on the natural peptides spiders use to kill insects at the 2011 Ag Innovation Showcase.

A little more than a year after presenting at the Ag Innovation Showcase, Vestaron closed a $10.2 million Series B financing round with investment from Open Prairie Ventures, a 2011 Ag Innovation Showcase attendee who is also represented on the event’s Ag Innovation Advisory Committee by Founder Jim Shultz.

Since then, Vestaron has increased its total funding amount to $49.2 million. 

📅 2011

👤 John Sorenson

💼 Vestaron Corp.

📍 Kalamazoo, Michigan