tamara nelsen

Executive Director

Minnesota AgriGrowth Council

Tamara Nelsen is Executive Director of The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council.

Prior to joining AgriGrowth, Tamara served as Senior Director of Commodities and Affiliate Management for the Illinois Farm Bureau.

Prior to that, Nelsen was a Senior Consultant in agri-food marketing in Washington, DC (1995-1998) and Assistant Executive Director, International Policy Council on Agriculture, Food and Trade or IPC (1988-1994).  Nelsen has served on numerous committees and Boards including:  Treasurer and Secretary of the IPC (1995-2015), USDA's Agriculture’s Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Feed, Grain, and Oilseeds (2001-2003), the University of Illinois Research External Advisory Committee (2004-2010), and the Shattuck-St. Mary’s School Board of Trustees (2001-2010 and 2019-).

Nelsen earned a bachelor's degree with distinction in International Relations from Stanford University, and a master’s in Business Administration from Virginia Polytechnic and State University.  Her MBA emphasis was in agricultural marketing, which she pursued through advanced coursework at Purdue University's Center for Agricultural Business.