Agrivida Raises $23M in Series D Funding

Agrivida is "Delivering a New Generation of Enzyme Solutions" for the animal nutrition industry. Agrivida’s solutions are the next evolutionary step in animal nutrition, using the “plant as a factory” to deliver highly differentiated enzyme products. Agrivida combines its enzyme regulation and plant expression technology platforms to produce high-value feed enzymes and silage, transforming the economics of animal production. Its grain-expressed enzyme products provide customers with an optimized delivery system. Key benefits include a 75% reduction in cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) when compared to fermented enzymes, improved animal performance, higher thermal stability, and economical precision enzyme dosing. 

At the 2014 Showcase, Agrivida presented their INzyme technology to much acclaim. Post-showcase they were able to successfully raise $15M in Series C funding that was led by Bright Capital Partners. In 2015, Agrivida closed $23M in Series D funding led by Cultivian Sandbox Ventures, whose Managing Director, Ron Meeusen, is a Showcase Advisory Committee member. Agrivida plans to use this investment to further the development and commercialization of its proprietary GralNzyme feed additive enzymes and INergyTM silage technology platforms. Their total funding amount in 2018 stands at $64.8M, with $45.2M being raised post-showcase.

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