aWhere Announces Partnerships with Spensa & Vasham

Since participating in Ag Showcase 2014, aWhere has opened a new office in Malaysiaand received personal commendations from the Governor of Laikipia County, Kenya to launch aWhere as an online data management system. Additionally, in 2015 aWhere has announced partnerships with Spensa Technologies, a leading U.S. precision Ag company, to provide weather-agile pest mitigation to fruit tree and row crop farmers internationally and with Vasham, an Indonesian social enterprise, to provide field-level weather and agronomic data in the hands of smallholder farmers throughout Indonesia.

aWhere was founded in 1999 with a mission of closing the information gap in agriculture and global development through innovative, timely, and locally relevant solutions - their agricultural intelligence systems are touching the lives of the nearly 500 million farmers worldwide who lack access to advanced agricultural technologies.

aWhere's location intelligent systems generate climate smart recommendations and alerts for farmers, providing a robust data management infrastructure to manage complex agricultural information and enable evidence-based decisions across the value chain.

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👤 John Corbett

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