Concentric Acquires ATP Nutrition, Grows to Three Locations 

Concentric (formerly named Inocucor) spoke with Larta recently to reflect on its successful track record since its presentation at Ag Innovation Showcase in 2014. At that time, the company was comprised of four employees who functioned as a virtual team, meeting in restaurants to plot their commercial development.  Ag Innovation showcase was a “coming-out party” for Concentric, and for then new President and CEO Don Marvin, a serial entrepreneur with extensive biotech experience. 

With a strong commercial strategy and through the attraction of $70 million in private equity funds into the company, Concentric has shown strong growth in sales and revenues.  The company has introduced two products: Synergro® (Garden Solution®) and Synergro Free™. 

In April 2018, the company acquired ATP Nutrition, a producer of science-based plant nutrient products.  While ATP is its first acquisition, according to Marvin, it won't be their last.  Marvin believes that the biological crop inputs industry will see significant consolidations with mergers and acquisitions in the near to mid-term.  Marvin is proud of having attracted “smart money” to support Concentric’s scaling up and growth strategy.  Key investors have included Pontifax AgTech and TPG Alternative and Renewable Technologies.


Marvin credits Ag Showcase for helping Concentric build a diverse community and develop key strategic partnerships. These are the very partnerships that have put Concentric ahead of schedule in its commercialization path. 

Concentric has now evolved, rebranded, and re-emerged as a powerhouse in the Ag Tech industry after more than four years of growth. Since its 2007 founding by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Dr. Margaret Bywater–Ekegärd and Ananda Lynn Fitzsimmons, it has grown to 70 employees in three different locations.  Concentric will continue developing  biological and essential plant nutrient products that enhance crop yields and improve soil health by targeting the phyto-microbiome. 


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👤 Donald Marvin

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