OnFarm Announces New Water Management Software

In 2014, OnFarm presented their software technology at the Ag Innovation Showcase. Since then, OnFarm has gone on to establish a number of partnerships and projects with major Ag companies, many of which also attended the Ag Innovation Showcase in the past few years. OnFarm announced a partnership with Rain Bird that will give users more information about crop production that will inform smarter decisions to manage costs, increase production, and manage schedules.

In April 2015, OnFarm announced a new software that is specifically designed to support farmer’s water management decisions. This software is especially pertinent as drought continues to plague to Western cost of the U.S. Additionally, OnFarm CEO Lance Donny was interviewed by the New York Times in August 2015 after his keynote at the National Consortium of Data Science about Ag 3.0, the booming agtech sector, and the potential of big data to change the face of American (and global) agriculture. OnFarm's progress in developing their technology has ultimately culminated in a partnership with Conservis Corporation, announced in November 2016, which aims to help streamline the growing process. 

OnFarm is the leader in integrated farm management software and provides plug-n-play use of hardware and data from the best companies in agriculture. Sensors, equipment, weather, and imaging data are all available in a fully customizable SaaS dashboard, usable by any grower, for any crop, anywhere. OnFarm then delivers field specific analytics, forecasts, and recommendations that enable better, more informed decisions and an immediate impact on farm inputs, productivity, and profitability. 

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