Concentric Expanding to Meet Increasing Demand

*This article was originally published under Concentric's previous name, Inocucor.

Concentric has been continually expanding to meet ever increasing demand for its innovative biological products. In 2015, they increased operations by opening a new lab and corporate headquarters in Montreal that's focused on their second- and third-generation products, and received a U.S. patent for its proprietary biological processes that stimulate plant growth. Additionally, they are continuing their partnership with McGill University to accelerate the development of bio-stimulants for large-scale agriculture.

Founded in 2007 by two Canadian scientists, Dr. Margaret Bywater–Ekegärd and Ananda Lynn Fitzsimmons, Inocucor saw an opportunity in working with the biological systems already present in plants. They reasoned that the addition of multiple fungi, yeasts and bacteria could work in harmony to create quality plants and soils, revitalizing them for hardier and more productive yields.

Their first-generation product Garden Solution™ employs live microbes to actively improve the quality of the entire phyto-microbiome and has been in production since 2010. With sales of $3B in 2014, the agricultural biologicals industry is a hot spot in agriculture with an annual market growth rate of approximately 20% reaching nearly $7.5B by 2020 and Inocucor is well positioned to seize a part of that market share. Additionally, in April 2018, Inocucor acquired ATP nutrition, a plant nutrient producer. Their total funding amount stands at $73M in 2018. 

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