Growcentia Grows Globally, Maintains Local Roots 

When Growcentia presented at Ag Showcase 2016, they were a small ag tech company from Colorado that was just starting to gain traction in the market place. The company was founded with the goal of promoting soil health in a way that makes agriculture sustainable. Growcentia now globally sells their product, Mammoth P, a microbial biostimulant that targets phosphorous and micronutrient availability.  The company has sales activity in nearly every state in the US. They've now grown to 60 employees and expanded their production facilities and R&D capabilities. 

How has a company so young experienced such widespread success? They've done so by expanding globally while thinking locally. Growcentia was founded by three soil microbiologists at Colorado State University, who licensed their patented technology from CSU.  The company maintains its headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Growcentia was active (successfully) with their local and state legislature in working to secure a vote to add an R&D cannabis cultivation license to the state and city regulations.  In early 2015 the founding team realized the value of their initial product in increasing the yield for legal cannabis growers in Colorado and as such captured early adopters in this market.  They have now spread beyond Colorado and sell across the US as well as in the UK, Europe, Australia, and South America.  They are also expanding into new high value crops such as fruits and vegetables.   

Growcentia has successfully raised more than $6 million in funding since presenting at Ag Showcase.  As Gregg Steinberg, Growcentia’s CEO tells us “[Growcentia is] looking ahead to strategic opportunities and fundraising for those opportunities”  Steinberg credits Ag Showcase for connecting Growcentia to peers in the industry, allowing them to establish and maintain important relationships with new companies, strategic partners, and investors. 

📅 2016

👤 Gregg Steinberg

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